Ministry Teams

This is a fluid list that will grow as needs grow and as God lays certain areas on people’s hearts.


This team will organize greeters for every service and activity of the church to insure that people are greeted in a friendly manner by people who can provide necessary information and help with any needs attendees of our church may have. Also, this team will organize the usher ministry to insure that the offering is collected in an orderly manner at every service where worship through giving is conducted.  Ushers will also help attendees find necessary seating and take care of any other needs that people have in our facilities. 


Sound/Worship Team

If you are interested in being a part of this team please see Ashton Rone for more details. 


Building and Grounds Team

This team will provide general oversight for the building facilities and the grounds of the church property.  They will monitor facilities to make sure everything is in order, lead the church to conduct needed work days, make sure problems are fixed, and make recommendations to the church for facility improvement.


Décor Team

This team will organize and decorate for special events, along with overseeing the decorations of the church throughout the year. 


Ordinance Team

This team will make the necessary preparations for the church to observe its ordinances; baptism and the Lord’s Supper. These duties will include making sure we have current supplies of the necessary elements for the Lord’s Supper, preparing them for a service and taking care of any cleanup that’s involved.  Also, they will make sure the Baptistery is ready for baptism services and any cleanup is conducted. 


Children’s Ministry Team

This team will work with our children’s coordinator to plan and coordinate activities for our kids. 


Student Ministry Team

This team will work with our Student Intern to plan and coordinate activities for students. 


Missions Team

This team will work together to help the church maintain its Great Commission focus. Duties will include researching potential mission’s partnerships and church planting opportunities. This team will lead in promoting prayer, short-term trip opportunities, and special mission’s offerings. Also this team will help the church to connect with our missionaries for the purposes of support and nurture.


Compassion Team

This team intentionally looks for ways to serve others in the name of Jesus. They write cards to encourage, provide meals to those who are in need, and they serve in others ways as needs arise in our church and community. 


Safety Team

This team helps to keep our church safe. There are several parts to this team including contingency planning, medical, and evacuation. This team functions behind the scenes, but is a very important team. 


Kitchen Team 

Multiple times throughout the year we have meals at the church or in the community that the kitchen team plans and prepares.


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